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Small AND Best

Small AND Best

Founder Tadahisa Muramatsu (1939-2012) set up Kirikan LTD. in 1973, with a firm determination of contributing to modern Japanese companion animal veterinary through supply of the worldʼs quality equipment, instruments, and other essential items for modern veterinary practices. It has to be noted that early stageʼs educational activities by the Japanese and American veterinarians, where modern veterinary medicine concepts were first brought into the country, laid a foundation of later flourish of the industry. We are proud that we were one of the supporting companies in this prominent project, through supply of the surgical instruments for workshops.

Our determination of dedication to further advance of the Japanese companion animal veterinary is increasingly holding true. This is our core value.

With our manifest mission deep in our mind, we are constantly in search of the products that are efficacious, novel, quality, representing good craftsmanship and professionalism, that has great value vs cost, that satisfies to niche demands, and that contributes to further advance of Japanese veterinary and enrichment of peopleʼs life.

As a trading company, we also find it a great pleasure to bridge the world through sharing the great products and technologies across the world. We are always open to the contact from the overseas manufacturers who resonate with our mind.

Keiichi Muramatsu / PresidentKirikan LTD.

Corporate Overview

Trade Name Kirikan Ltd.
Incorporation July 4, 1973
Office 7F, 5-4-12 Konan Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6718-4300

Company Representative Keiichi Muramatsu / President
Business Import distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other merchandises for domestic animals.
Regulatory Licenses
  • Manufacturing and Sales License of Class 2 Veterinary Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing License of Veterinary Medical Devices
  • Sales and Leasing License of Specially Controlled Veterinary Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing and Sales License of Class 2 Veterinary Drug
  • Manufacturing License of Veterinary Drug
  • Wholesale License of Veterinary Drug
  • Retail License of Veterinary Drug
  • Manufacturing and Sales License of Veterinary Quasi Drug
  • Manufacturing License of Veterinary Quasi Drug
  • Repair License of Veterinary Medical Devices
  • Sales and Leasing License of Specially Controlled Medical Devices

Products and Services (as of Apr. 2016)

  • Nolvasan® (Zoetis, USA), Malaseb® (Dermcare-Vet, Australia), and other veterinary shampoo
Veterinary Otological Products
  • Nolvasan® Otic (Zoetis, USA), Tris-EDTA Otic (Kirikan)
Veterinary Medical Devices
  • Miltex» Surgical Instruments (Integra LS, USA)
  • IMEX» External Fixators (IMEX Veterinary, USA)
  • Fixin Locking Plate System (Intrauma, Italy)
  • Operating Table (Panno-Med Medizinische Geratebau-&Handek GmbH, Austria)
  • Electro Surgery Unit (alsa apparecchi medicali S.r.l., Italy)
  • Bipolar Accessories (Gunter Bissinger Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany)
  • Operating Lights (Burton Medical, LLC, USA)
Other (alphabetical order)
  • Andis Company
  • Andover Healthcare, Inc.
  • Gima S.P.A
  • Jorgen KRUUSE A/S
  • Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.
  • Medicon Instrumente
  • Ortho Medical GmbH
  • Praise Corporation
  • S. Jackson, Inc
  • Snyder MFG. Co
  • Sontec Instruments, Inc
  • Trimline Manufacturing Co., Inc